"Creative Computer Tools for Artists" is awesome and in another league. It is cutting edge and the artwork is beautiful. The book is kind of like a good movie you watch over and over because the images are so engaging. It also has an international flavor that should keep it contemporary. The book has been added to the Hallmark Creative library through the efforts of former Hallmark Artist, Leroy Allen. The library is a resource for several hundred professional artists. Leroy Allen

Just a note to let you know the I received the books. They turned out sooo wonderful! I'm so excited to really sit down and experiment. This will be a great learning tool for me. I got all of the equipment I needed last year, but haven't really known where to start. I didn't even remember what we did on my photos until I read it in the book. You can rest assured that this has been a great success. Many of my 'computer friends" are very interested in the book, too.
Melanie Lacki

YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've just glanced at your book and think it's wonderful! I will read it as soon as I can get it away from Tom! I can't wait to show it around. The book must be doing GREAT!!!! I've had watercolor friends......even from New York.....contact me about it!!!!!
Judy Morris

The book is Wonderful! Probably the first of it's kind and beautifully done. I took it to show my fellow classmates in Photoshop, and other Adobe programs. They were very impressed, as was the teacher.
Patricia Allen

Greetings from Toronto, Canada. I was thrilled to see a book that uses the computer to assist with the creative process. Congratulations on spotting the vacuum in the market for fine artists! I use Paint Shop Pro 7 and, even with a well designed manual, get stymied by computers. Gloria

BEFORE photo

AFTER computer sketch

FINAL painting


1. What is the book about?

It is a composite of professional artists brought in from all over the U.S. and Europe, including Ron Ranson, Jerry Brommer, Richard Mc Daniel and others. Each artist uses his own ideas and medium he paints in to develop a painting using Photoshop as a tool.

2. Why is this good news for artists and a real first?

Because there is really no book written that goes into color and design as does this program - especially for artists.

3. What you will see and learn from the book and our future workshops:

Ability to work out color ideas in a visual way very quickly and implementing them into the your art piece

Being able to work your design around visually until your idea is fully developed before you start painting.

For a guy (one of the authors) that has gone brain dead trying to understand computer language, there is now hope. Yes, we have simplified these software programs by about 95% - just for us fine artists who want a tool to help turn out better art.

4. There is something for all levels of artists and all mediums in the book.

There is a saying,"Keep it simple". Jann and I have spent the last two years pulling from Adobe Photoshop the necessary ingredients that the fine artist needs to develop color and design no matter how you paint. Many artists have been frustrated experimenting with Photoshop or other similar programs because they are not really directed to the fine artist. To read a 600 page instruction book was mind boggling for me and my artist friends. Most of it was written for Illustrators, Graphic artists, Designers and Photographers - not the fine artist.

5. Will I lose my drawing skills by using the computer?

An artist should never stop drawing and you should continue drawing at all times. You will be drawing on the computer also, but with a different tool - the mouse. It is just faster and gives you color and value at the same time. You will develop great sensitivity to color and values and their relationships as you begin testing your ideas and you will be utilizing all of your knowledge and skills - including drawing, color, design and perspective. With practice, you will find it is quicker than doing a multitude of black and white thumbnails while increasing your creativity as you are testing various ideas and directions that you might not have otherwise, tried. Thanx to the magic of "Edit, undo", you won't ruin your paper or canvas.